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Welcome to the GandalfWeb Demo Website

This is the Home Page of the GandalfWeb DIY demo website. It doesn't use any special features, so it will give you a good idea of how your site will work (though not necessarily how it will look!)

You would normally be able to change absolutely anything, but because this is a demo website, we don't allow you to change the content of this page. You can still change its 'look and feel', and you can make (almost) any changes you like on other pages.*

Just log on and select the page you want to change from the menu.

How to Log On

Click the Administrator/Members button at the bottom of this page and enter 'demo1234' both as your username and as your password.

What Next?

Feel free to experiment. Any changes you make to the demo site will be discarded, so try everything! Here's a possible scenario:

*Because this is a demo you are not allowed to make backups, add to mailing lists, or anything else that might result in emails being sent. You will, of course, be able to do any of these things on your own site.